SHMOPLife & Filthy Dripped 2013 Summer Collection

Yesterday I stopped by Hilltop Mall to check out Shmoplife & Filthy Dripped 2013 Summer Collection.  Check out the photos!


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fd 3

fd 4

fd 5

Don’t live in the Bay Area? You can always order the clothes online! Filthy Dripped / Shmoplife

Celebrating “Janet” 20th Anniversary



Today, May 18th marks Janet Jackson’s 20th anniversary for her chart topping album “Janet”.

Her memorial groundbreaking 5th album sold over 7 million copies and had six Hot 100 singles like “That’s The Way Love Goes” and “Anytime Anyplace”.  Not to mention the album artwork had some people in a frenzy, showing a more sexier side of Janet.

Janet Jackson sat down with Billboard in a recent interview:

May 18 marks the 20th anniversary of “janet.” How would you describe what that album captures about your life at that time?

“I can’t believe it is already 20 years! I always write my music based on what is going on in my life at the time. I wanted to allow people in… I want my fans to really know me. The ‘janet’ album was sexual and I was beginning to really discover that side of me.”

Several of the songs on janet. and their accompanying videos were groundbreaking at the time for their overt sexuality. Why was it so important for you to express that part of yourself in your work, and how did you convince others around you at the time to let you take those risks?

“Like I said before, I write about my experiences or things that touch me deeply. I was really beginning to get in tune with my sexual self. This is what I wanted to express so I did. The decision to move forward in an artistic way is mine. I didn’t need to convince anyone.”

Many artists cite you as a role model and a huge influence on their career and image. Which artists today do you admire?

“I’m flattered that other artists consider me a role model. I’m really enjoying what Bruno Mars and Adele are doing, a lot of artistry there”


No More Vibe Magazine On The Shelves???


Photo Courtesy: Twitter

Since 1993, legendary VIBE Magazine has been sitting on magazine shelves nationwide.

However, SpinMedia has bought Vibe in a deal that could mean the end of the print edition of the famed hip-hop culture magazine.

Vibe was shut down abruptly in 2009 due to a drop in advertising revenue amid an industry slump that killed many magazines.

With the demand becoming high in the online presence, Vibe was forced to go publicly online.

Vibe Media CEO Ari Horowitz said in a statement that the company made huge strides developing Vibe as a digital and mobile property over the past year, having doubled its online traffic.

“Joining with SpinMedia will enable Vibe to continue to evolve and grow as a vibrant digital media brand.” 

SpinMedia, previously known as Buzzmedia, owns a number of pop culture brands such as SPIN, Celebuzz, The Frisky and Buzznet. The company did not say in a news release if it would close Vibe’s print publication, but indicated that its focus would be on building Vibe’s digital business.