Fast Food Princess “Taco Belle” Is Here

Move over Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, there’s a new princess in town and she’s starting some beef, literally.

“Taco Belle” was spotted at Taco Bell in her full on taco princess gown placing an order over three years ago 24 year old Olivia Mears was dressed up as Belle inside of Taco Bell and next thing you know she went viral.

I was dressed as a normal Belle after a photoshoot in 2012 and decided to eat some Taco Bell while in costume,” said Mears. “Someone snapped a picture of me and posted it to Reddit and it went viral.

Now Mears has relived her Belle at Taco Bell experience by creating a full on custom made taco princess gown.  She estimates the costume took around 30 hours to make from fabric, cardstock, tissue paper and felt.

taco belle

I have as much as everyone else, I just hate being bored. I’ve always got at least three costumes/artworks I’m working on at any given time,” she said.

Check out more of her designs right here —-> Instagram