Stop Looking For Becky!

Beyonce Lemonade

I love this article I read on the Guardian about Beyonce’s new project “Lemonade” and it is exactly what I thought the message Bey was portraying is…

The title “Lemonade” stems from the saying “when life gives you lemons… make lemonade”.

For everyone looking to find Becky with the “good hair” let me break that down for you. You will not find 1 Becky and no Jay-Z did not cheat on Bey with her.

Becky with the good hair are woman lacking melanin with non coarse hair. The woman black men say too often they are leaving black woman for, for whatever their reason is.

The good hair people say Black Woman don’t have because it isn’t naturally straight and long.

Need more confirmation?

In Kanye West “Gold Digger” Ye had a line that said “and when he get on and leave your ass for a white girl” = BECKY with the good hair

Plies had a whole song called Becky… why? Because in the song he is talking about non melanin girls always give head and he wants some… “give me that Becky” he raps.

Has anyone watched Chris Rock’s movie doc “Good Hair” where he breaks down black woman and ‘”good hair”

Be simple minded if you want too off Beyonce’s “Lemonade” but I see what she’s doing. She is standing up for Black Woman and all we have to go through on all levels.

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