Natural Hair & Why Folks Are Confused


After reading a blog story titled “Here We Go Again: Multiracial/Mixed Hair is NOT Natural Hair” I had an uneasy feeling about people being confused on what “natural” hair is.

In the article the author states “(NATURAL HAIR IN TERMS OF BLACK WOMENS NATURAL HAIR) IS KINKY OR SOFT AFRO HAIR THAT HAS NOT BEEN ALTERED WITH CHEMICALS. I HAVE ALWAYS WONDERED WHY THE MIXED RACE CURLY HAIR WOMEN STATE THAT THEY HAVE NATURAL HAIR NOWADAYS. ” and I must say that this is the most ignorant post I’ve read yet.  Thanks to my girls in the Curl Crush group on Facebook for posting this.  I wanted to take it upon myself to clear some things up about what I just read.

First let’s clarify what “natural” hair is… and unfortunately, there is no definition in a legitimate dictionary so I’m going to try my best to stay politically correct with the definition. Natural hair is the state in which hair grows out of ones scalp that has not been chemically altered, or having any foreign hair added (weaves, clip on, etc.) Having natural hair is not an ethic thing either.  Woman of all nationalities wear weaves so why should we limit natural hair to just black women.  If a woman wears her hair the way it grows without adding anything or making any modifications chemically, it is natural.

natural hair caucasian

Mixed people can wear their hair natural by wearing it at it’s true state that it grows and not straightening it.  When you flat iron it, it is not natural.  The type of hair one has does not justify that it is natural.  How you wear it, does.  Me being mixed (black and white), I often wear my hair straightened.  But a day like today when I did a wash and go, let my curls hang low and stepped outside in a natural state of mind.  Saying that, “mixed” people cannot claim their hair is “natural” is idiotic.  That’s like saying caucasian women can’t wear their hair natural because it isn’t kinky. (insert blank faced emoji here). That’s dumb ass hell and very ignorant! Everyone’s hair is NATURAL until you add a perm and weaves and things of that nature.

Urban dictionary:

Your natural hair is when your hair is in the state that you were born with. Hair that is not permed, dyed, relaxed, or chemically altered.

Natural hair texture with its natural color.

I’m not going to perm my hair anymore; I prefer to where it natural.

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