Regal Theaters Now Checking Moviegoers Bags Before Entering Cinema

After several movie theaters have suffered from tragic shootings, Regal Theaters have now decided to check everyone’s bag upon entrance into the movies.

It’s unclear when the policy began however moviegoers in Texas, Virginia, Florida and Ohio noticed the change beginning earlier this month.  Regal spokesman Richard Grover did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday but the company’s website states “security issues have become a daily part of our lives in America” and says that bags and backpacks are subject to inspection before entering.

regal theaters search bags

Regal Cinema’s aren’t the only theaters changing their policy to ensure the safety of their customers.  National Amusements Inc.’s Showcase chain  has banned backpacks and packages and reserves the right to search purses and bags. It says the policy, which began Aug. 7, will be in place “for the time being.”

AMC Theatres spokesman Ryan Noonan said, “we don’t comment on security measures publicly.” Other chains, including Cinemark and Carmike, did not respond to requests for comment.

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