Jared (Subway) Charged For Having Sex With 14 Minors

Court documents have surfaced around Jared Fogle, Subway’s spokesman, who has been charged Wednesday morning with traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with minors.

Allegedly Jared traveled between Indiana and NYC to engage in sexual acts with at least 14 minor victims and even paid for sex with the younger women.  The court documents said Fogle had a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old girl he recruited online, and asked her to find him an even younger sex partner.

Other text messages found by investigators showed Fogle asked for girls ages 14 and 15 where he would engage in some of the illicit sexual sessions at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and The Plaza in Manhattan.

Fogle will face a term of five to 12 1/2 years in prison and will pay $100,000 each to 14 minor victims identified by prosecutors. He will also register as a sex offender and undergo treatment for his twisted sexual desires.

Read the actual court documents below.

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