Check Out The World’s First Ever Self-Locking Bicycle

Bicycle riders would love the possibility of having a bike that can never be stolen.  These three young entrepreneurs claim to have solved a problem and have invented the world’s first “unstealable” bike.

The Yerka is fitted on a stylish steel frame, the bike’s aluminum downtube splits in two to allow the seat tube to form a steadfast lock around any tree, pole or bike rack. The only way to take it would be to saw through it — making the bike useless.

this is Yerka

The idea is for the bike to lock itself.  The frame is dismantled and reconnected to make a lock, all in just 10 seconds.

Still in production, the young entrepreneurs started an online crowdfunding campaign after putting in their first order to produce 300 of the bikes.

The young entrepreneurs sold 197 bikes in the campaign, roughly half of which were ordered by customers in the United States. A third went to Europe, with a small handful snapped up by Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Only 15% of the bikes were sold in Chile.

In the next four years, our goal is to sell a container of almost 300 units each month worldwide. But the most important goal is that customers say, ‘This bike is great. We love the bike you sold us and we will spread the word.” said Cristóbal Cabello, one of the creators.

Click here for more information or to make a donation.

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