Amber Rose’s SlutWalk Receives Surprise Celebrity Donation

Don’t let the name SlutWalk distract you from the issues that raised concerns for Amber Rose.

This name is meant to drive home the deleterious impact of using the “s-word” in rape culture. SlutWalk originally launched in Toronto, Ontario in 2011 in response to a local police officer’s statement to a group of female students that if they want to avoid sexual assault “women should avoid dressing like sluts.” And now, Amber Rose creating a GoFund Me account to put on her own 2015 event, which will be a Los Angeles-based version of the campaign to shut down the victim blame game.


Amber received a surprise donation of $5,000 from Nicki Minaj.

nicki minaj slutwalk donation


Wow!!!! Somebody Loves Muva and totally gets the Movement!!!! Love u sis!!! @nickiminaj 😍😍😍😍😍”

As of now Amber has rose $25,000 for SlutWalk.  If you wish to make a donation go to the official GoFund Me page.


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