Reading Rainbow Coming To Netflix

Netflix recently released their upcoming new release list and the 90’s educational hit show Reading Rainbow is one of the many that have made the cut.


LeVar Burton, host of Reading Rainbow, debuted the show over 30 years ago. In 2012 LeVar and Mark Wolfe, co-founders of RRKidz bought the rights to the hit show and began a 35-day campaign in May 2014 on Kickstarter to put more than 500 interactive books online.

Burton and Wolfe raised $6.4 million from nearly 106,000 backers for their website Skybrary. They’re also offering the Reading Rainbow app, initially available on Apple’s iPad as well as other tablets, set-top boxes and game consoles.

Subscriptions range from $10 a month to $50 a year. As part of RRKidz’ Kickstarter pledge, the service will be free to more than 10,000 classrooms.

I don’t walk around in my life every day thinking about the impact I’ve had on a couple of generations of people. It’s not top of mind for me. It is now. It is now because I recognize 106,000 people donated to our Kickstarter campaign,” Burton says. “What that said to me was – you made a difference in my life and I want Reading Rainbow to be there for succeeding generations. … That’s no small thing.

Reading Rainbow will be available on Netflix sometime in August 2015.

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