Chance The Rapper ‘Family Matters Tour’

chance the rapper family matters tour

October 11: Austin, Texas
October 13: St. Louis, Mo.
October 14: Kansas City, Mo.
October 15: Minneapolis, Minn.
October 16: Milwaukee, Wis.
October 18: Detroit, Mich.
October 19: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
October 21: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
October 22:Philadelphia, Pa.
October 23: New York, N.Y.
October 27: Boston, Mass.
October 29: Richmond, Va.
October 31: Live Oak, Fla.
November 1: New Orleans, La.
November 2: Atlanta, Ga.
November 5: St. Petersburg, Fla.
November 7: Miami, Fla.
November 8: Orlando, Fla.
November 9: Raleigh, N.C.
November 10: Charlotte, N.C.
November 12: Houston, Texas
November 13: Dallas, Texas
November 15: Albuquerque, N.M.
November 16: Denver, Colo.
November 17: Salt Lake City, Utah
November 23: San Diego, Calif.
November 24: Los Angeles, Calif.


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