Nancy Grace & 2 Chainz Had A Debate On WEED (VIDEO)

nancy grace 2 chainz debate on weed marijuana listen up ent

Photo Credit: YouTube

Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz went toe to toe with an epic debate about the legalization of marijuana and tt all went down on HLN show on Tuesday.

2 Chainz stated that minor drug offenses can prevent people from getting jobs and loans, and suggested that legalization could ease overcrowding in prisons and help the economy, saying taxpayer money would be freed up if people weren’t unnecessarily being prosecuted.

Grace argued the opposite perspective, and tried to prove her point by bizarrely citing a few incidents in which young children encountered weed thanks to some reckless parents. Even more bizarrely, 2 Chainz responded by saying the dad in one video was likely using pot just because he couldn’t get crack.

Watch the full debate:

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