Bobby Shmurda & GS9 Members Arrested!

bobby shmurda and gs9 members arrested drug trafficking listen up ent

It was all good about a week ago for Bobby Shmurda who hit the rap scene with his latest song “Hot Nigga” and dance to match called “The Shmoney Dance.”

However things quickly turned down for the rapper and 13 members of the GS9 crew for what the NYPD are saying has been a long-term investigation on drug trafficking and violent crimes.

Sha Money XL, who was present at the studio, was not arrested though he witnessed the entire raid.

“I was not arrested. They held me until they searched the studio then let me go,” Sha Money explained in a statement. “I signed these kids to give them a better way in life not to be dragged down by the media and gunned down by the 40 cops that raided the studio and pointed guns at me for working my job. You have no idea how this makes me feel or look when I’m one of the only few black men signing black artist from the streets and giving them a chance to do better in life.”


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