Fox Reporter Erika Reidt Suspended For “I Can Breathe” Comment

erika reidt suspended for instagram comment

Photo Credit: Twitter

Things quickly turned downhill for Fox freelance reporter Erika Reidt after she left a comment under Kobe Bryant’s photo of him wearing a shirt saying ‘I Can’t Breathe.’

People everywhere in support of Eric Garner who was choked to death by a New York police officer have been seen wearing the same quote, which were Eric’s last words.

This was the photo that Erika commented on…

kobe bryant lakers i cant breathe shirts

And here is her actual comment which she later claims that he phone was hacked even though she was spotted online thanking people who supported her comment.

erika reidt instagram comment that got her suspended from fox

Since then Erika has been claiming to be from ‘the hood’ and says that she did not make that comment.  However Fox is not letting this fly under the radar and has suspended the freelance reporter until further notice.  Social media played a huge role in their decision given that the information spread quickly with photo’s of her comment as proof.

erika reidt tweet 1

erika reidit tweet 2

erika reidit tweet 3

erika reidit tweet 4

fox suspends erika reidt over instagram comment


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