Chris Brown Breaks It Off With Karrueche In An Social Media Beef-off!


It was all good about a week ago with Chris Brown and Karrueche then all hell broke lose during a performance when C Breezy announced that he is now single. Oh and… f*** that b****

But wait there’s more… apparently Chris believes that Karrueche had hooked up with Drake when he was locked up for 4 months… Drake has not commented on the incident however sources say Karrueche and Drizzer were in Toronto at the same time Chris is questioning.

Chris aired out their dirty laundry all over Instagram and has since then, apologized to Karrueche for doing so.  He even blasted out her nudes!  CHRIS BROWN BLASTS KARRUECHE AND DRAKE HOOK UPS SECRET TRIPS TO TORONTO


Karrueche responded via Facebook to clear her name, saying that she never hooked up with Drake.

karrueche responds to chris browns ig post about drake hook up

drake karrueche chris brown

karrueche drake chris brown

Yesterday Chris Brown “apologise”, yes someone get Breezy a spell checker for Christmas. He apologized via Instagram for putting their drama on public display.

chris brown apologizes to karrueche for airing out dirty laundry about drake

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