Is There A Difference Between A ‘Goal Digger’ & A ‘Gold Digger’?

the difference between a goal digger and a goal digger

Photo Credit: YouTube Video Below

On a recent episode of Dr. Phil, 28 year old Valarie breaks down the difference of a ‘goal digger’ and a ‘gold digger’ claiming that she see’s herself as a true ‘goal digger’.

“We’re exotic, sort of like a snake charming you,” she explains, pointing out that she never exchanges anything for sex and is happy to pay for her own basic needs. “Real, true goal diggers, we don’t really care about the trinkets. I don’t need a man, but I do need what he has to offer.”

Many people would say she is a ‘gold digger’ and doesn’t want to admit it, even her own brother preys on men with money and power by seducing them sexually which are the ways of a ‘gold digger’.

– Gold digger is slang for a greedy person, stereotypically a woman, who only dates and subsequently marries wealthy partners with the intention of exploiting said wealth. (wikipedia)

– Goal digger is slang for a person who; desires wealth in all areas of life, seeks the secrets of the millionaire mind and has the smarts, optimism, integrity and passion to do it themselves. (urban dictionary)

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