Nightmare On Elm Street Turns 30!

nightmare on elm street

Photo Credit: YouTube

It’s been 30 years since the world was introduced to the thriller phenomenon ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’.  Released Fall of 1984, Director Wes Craven’s classic changed our perception and dreams of scary movies forever.

‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ is about a terrifying, knife-glove-wielding killer who stalks teenagers in their sleep, introduced the world to the night terrors of Freddy Krueger and the boyish charm of Johnny Depp.

Not only did this film continue to be remade even in the 2000’s, but in the late 80’s early 90’s video game also emerged from the hit film.  Leaving its mark on the world, ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ will always be a featured on numerous Halloween specials.

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