Did Tiny Permanently Change Her Eye Color?

While filming “Meet The Blacks” Tiny is sporting new blueish-grey eyes that were once her natural color of dark brown.  Many people are questioning if she did have a permanent procedure called Artificial Iris Implant.

They may or maynot be contacts and even T.I is unsure if this is something permanent.  Tip answered truthfully during his recent interview with The Breakfast Club on the question of his wife’s new eye color.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. If she’s coming up here for something maybe you can ask her but I don’t know.” 

Even Tiny’s bff took to Instagram to ask her fans if they notice anything different about her buddy Tiny.

It’s us!!!! @majorgirl and me!!!!! Here again in NYC to see our girl @WendyWilliams notice anything different about my buddy?? 

Tiny has not confirmed if this is a permanent thing or something she has to do for her role but we will be waiting for her answer.

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