Kris Jenner’s Got Her Groove Back

After announcing a separation from Bruce Jenner earlier this year which then led to a divorce in September, Kris Jenner was recently spotted out with a new younger man.  Music industry executive Corey Gamble was seen eating at a restaurant in Los Angeles intimately which drew speculations that these two are an item.

Corey stated to after the photo surfaced and went viral that he is in fact dating Kris and has been for a while now.  Wanting to keep things private, Corey is confused and frustrated as to who even was capable of taking the photo.  He hopes Kris had no involvement in leaking the photo or if she did he would not continue to date her.

Making it known that he is not after Kris for her money, Corey is Justin Bieber’s co-manager, a millionaire, college graduate that lives not too far from the Kardashian clan.

“I don’t know how anyone had those pics because no one was seated across from us,” he wrote in an email to “That worries me and I’m hoping it’s not a setup from Kris because I do really like her.” 

“No one actually knew about our relationship until [Radar Online] printed the story and pics. I am not sure how they feel about it. I have been knowing Kim for some time but she didn’t know I was dating her mother.”


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