Revolt TV Lands Big Deal With Verizon

Diddy has turned it up a few notches with the new deal between Revolt TV and Verizon.

“Revolt is a crowd-pleasing addition to the FiOS TV lineup,” said Verizon vice president for content acquisition and strategy Terry Denson in a statement. “As we continue to add or renew channels in a way that reflects customers’ actual viewing patterns, we are pleased to welcome Revolt into the homes of our customers, and we are excited to see their response to Revolt’s fresh take on music programming.”

“As Revolt TV nears its one year anniversary, we are thrilled to be working with Verizon FiOS to bring the new No. 1 name in music into even more homes,” said the network’s senior vice president and head of content distribution James Brown in a statement. “This deal reinforces the strength of our programming strategy and we look forward to continued growth.”

Since launching in October 2013, Revolt TV has more than 50 million young adults through television, digital, social and mobile properties interested and wanting more.

So what does the new deal mean for Revolt TV and it’s viewers? Diddy said this:

Verizon’s vote of confidence marks another win for REVOLT and solidifies our place as the new #1 name in music. But our growth won’t stop here – we will continue to deliver a Millennial audience to cable providers across the country, building a platform that amplifies the art form and celebrates the culture of music.

On this journey to make REVOLT a household name, we are most excited to join a cable provider that understands and programs for young adults. As we have set the goal to be accessible 24/7, anytime, anywhere, on one billion devices, our new relationship with Verizon FiOS represents an opportunity larger than cable alone, taking us to their digital and mobile platforms that are heavily used by our audience of young music fans and artist. We look forward to welcoming additional viewers as part of our REVOLT Nation.”

Story Credit: multichannel & huffingtonpost

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