50 Cent Son Spotted Out With Floyd Mayweather

50 cent jr with floyd mayweather

Photo Credit: Facebook

Shots Fired!!!

50 Cent’s oldest son Marquise Jackson uploaded this picture with him and Floyd Mayweather has people questioning if he is part of the Floyd vs 50 beef.

It’s no secret that 50 has had issues with Floyd after bromance ended.  50 is notorious for throwing shots at people and asked Floyd to bet him after an audio clip surfaced of Floyd’s stuttering problem as he was reading a short script.

Floyd barked back and 50’s jabs saying if 50 could get his oldest son to say I love you on tape, 50 would win the war.  For those that don’t know, 50’s oldest son Marquise is on team mom and does not fool with 50 who didn’t even show up to his son’s high school graduation.

No one knows for sure what Marquise and Floyd were discussing in this photo but we do know that Marquise is heading off to college and hopefully away from all this drama.

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