Andre 3000 Wants Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Him In Outkast Movie

andre 3000

Photo Credit: YouTube

Andre 3000 has expressed in a recent interview with Rolling Stone that he wants an Outkast movie but not just any film, a comedic one.

3stacks hinted that he would want to see Kevin Hart play Big Boi and Leonardo DiCaprio to play himself.  Let’s not forget that he said this would be a comedy.  I’m sure Leonardo can do an amazing job but many people question, “Why Leonardo?”.

“It would be great to make an OutKast movie right now, but instead of really serious, make it a full comedy — like Kevin Hart would play Big Boi,” he said regarding his longtime friend and partner Big Boi “We should cast somebody stupid — like Leonardo [DiCaprio].”

Andre also stated  that Outkast will be finishing up their reunion performances this year but fans should not be expecting an album.

In the meantime Andre fans can get ready to see 3stacks play Jimi Hendrix in the ‘Jimi: All Is By My Side’ feature film set to hit theaters Friday Sept. 26th.

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