Is Diddy Shutting Down Bad Boy Records???

bad boy

UPDATE: According to Complex Magazine the allegations of Diddy shutting down Bad Boy Records is FALSE!  They are expected to celebrate their 20th Anniversary this year.

Who knows what’s really going on, for all we know Diddy might be tight lipped about it until he decides to drop the bomb…

Recently Diddy has been letting staff go at Bad Boy Records and sending them to work for his other business ventures like Ciroc and Revolt TV.  Let’s not forget that Puff has also added Tequila to his alcohol brand.

Could it be that there will be no more Bad Boy for life???  It appears as though the doors are finally closing on the first chapter that started Diddy’s enterprise.

What’s going to happen to his artists French Montana, Machine Gun Kelly and Janelle Monae?

According to All Hip Hop, they could possibly be placed with Interscope Records.

Story Credit: AllHipHop

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