New Jersey Supreme Court Might Validate Rap Lyrics Against Rappers

vonte skinner

Photo Credit: Slate

Next week the New Jersey supreme court will decide wether to use Vonte Skinner’s 13 pages of rap lyrics against him in a 2005 murder.

Majority of the jury stated:

“We have a significant doubt about whether the jurors would have found defendant guilty if they had not been required to listen to the extended reading of these disturbing and highly prejudicial lyrics.”

Even Texas rapper Bun B commented on the matter in a recent interview with MSNBC’s NewsNation with Tamron Hall:

“If someone chooses to incriminate themselves then that’s their own thing,” Bun says in the interview. “I think the problem is that once we open the door to everyone’s rap lyrics to find a crime in there then there’s where we have the problem.”

Skinner was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison.


Story Credit: HipHopDX

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