Should Kanye Be Prosecuted For Assault On 18 yr old Heckler…

kanye west tmz photo

Recently reports went crazy about Kanye West attacking an 18 year old boy at a doctor’s office.

Well more video footage is surfacing of the 18 year old waiting outside with the pappz for Kim Kardashian to make her way into the office.  In the video you can hear the boy yelling remarks at Kim.

The boy then runs inside ahead of Kim and that’s when all the chaos and name calling began.  Kanye was only a phone call away and immediately came to see what all the drama was about.

The boy was still there talking mess to Kim when Kanye walks in and whacks him one good time in the head.  After that the boy instantly said that he will press charges.

Kim has been hysterically claiming defense saying the boy threatened to kill her and is trying to save her baby daddy from possibly having to face charges for assault.

Kanye has a bad rep with attacking people and the judge may or may not decide to arrest Yeezy, considering he does have prior altercations with pappz.  This case however does seem to be a little bit more intense considering the boy did initiate the whole ordeal.

kim kardashian boy threatened

Story Credit: TMZ

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