Nick Cannon Will Play “FREEWAY” Ricky Ross In Biopic

nick cannon freeway ricky ross

According to Freeway, the former drug kingpin, Cannon has signed on to play him in an upcoming biopic.

“It’s time to tell the Story of Cocaine, Contras and America. This is the story of the real Scarface!” Freeway posted on his Facebook page.

“I’ve been wanting him to play my role since ’96. We got hooked up, I met him I love his personality, know what I’m saying?” said Freeway in a YouTube clip.

Can a non-gansta play a real life gansta that even rappers portray in their music?

There were ongoing court battles between the real Ricky Ross and Rick Ross the rapper who’s real name is William Roberts for using his name as a stage name and portray his real life stories in his raps.

Nick Cannon believes so, by saying:

“We family now, we are going to get this thing right. However long it takes, his story has got to be told.”

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