UK Prison Inmates Listen To What Kind Of Music???



U.K. prison inmates have an unusual taste in music, this according to a recent finding by Mirror. The United Kingdom based site issued a study which found the National Prison Radio broadcast to have an array of unusual artists.

Out of the 84,000 inmates, 4,000 of them request songs from the National Prison Radio. Although the ration is 21-1 of those who request versus those who don’t, the artists these inmates are requesting could tell you a lot about who they are and how they are feeling.

“Listening to something heavy can be a healthy release from prison life,” explains a representative on behalf of the National Prison Radio.

Tupac topped the 20 artists these 4,000 inmates request, a “Murderer gangsta rapper Tupac Shakur.”

Tupac isn’t alone on the list, other Hip-Hop stars include Drake, Akon, Biggie Smalls, Lil Wayne and Eminem.

Vybz Kartel appears atop the National Prison Radio 2012 playlist in the second position while Rihanna, the only female, appears at number 4 on the top 20.

The top 20

1 – Tupac 2 – Vybz Kartel 3 – K Koke 4 – Rihanna 5 – Drake 6 – Akon 7 – Metallica 8 – Pink Floyd 9 – Biggy Smalls 10 – Gyptian 11 – Jah Cure 12 – Slipknot 13 – UB40 14 – Bob Marley 15 – Lil Wayne 16 – Eminem 17 – Evanescence 18 – Mavado 19 – Devlin 20 – Giggs

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