Seattle Rapper Commits Suicide


22 year old Rapper and Internet personality (Freddy E) Frederick Eugene Buhl died in an apparent gun shot inflicted suicide attempt Saturday in Renton WA, according to the King County Medical Examiner’s office.

While the reason for Buhl’s death has yet to be confirmed, it appears that he committed suicide because of his ex-girlfriend “Honey Cocaine.” She tweeted, “#Thirstballs #Thirstballs #Thirstballs.” Seconds later, Buhl wrote, “Ain’t nobody thirsty,” although it wasn’t a direct reply to Honey Cocaine’s tweet.

Marquez Taylor, a friend of Buhl’s, wrote on his blog that the young rapper said on Facebook that he was in love with Honey Cocaine and would take a bullet for her.

“I am praying you didn’t do this over a b****,” he wrote.

He was best known for his Internet program Jerk TV, which featured humorous and profane segments, often with a moral or cautionary message.


1 thought on “Seattle Rapper Commits Suicide

  1. For her to say she’s not the cause. She clearly is. She was apart of it, what she said was not necessary. And I hope she has to live through this for the rest of her life, with the guilt of influencing a kind individual to do such a thing. Like I said before God forgives and that’s what I’ll believe until it is my time to go. I prayed hard last night.. balling in tears. I pray he heard me reaching for help for his forgiveness for not only Freddy but anyone else who was brought to suicide over something as ignorant as this… smh R.I.P sweetheart…

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